power to the flower


One of my ultimate underrated pleasures is flower arranging. Buying a ridicoulous big flower bouquet and arrange them into a lot of different vases. I can spend hours in flower heaven!

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the pleasures of cooking #5

Today I made this to die for cinnamon rolls. Easy peasy, fast and quick unhealthy pleasure. Because we have to compensate people. You have a deadline? You need to do boring administration. Need to study? COMPENSATION is your key word! You deserve an elevation of your blood sugar levels. So enjoy!

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underrated pleasure #sundaypampering

Who doesn’t love sunday. It’s the perfect day for some pampering! Today I share with you my sunday evening pamper routine.

After taking my makeup off I go for “multimasking”. My most loved masks at the moment are the new ones from L’oréal. I combine the pink Exfoliating & Refining Red Algae mask with the grey Detox & Brighten Charcoal Clay mask. It’s the perfect combination and they both smell divine.


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