power to the flower


One of my ultimate underrated pleasures is flower arranging. Buying a ridicoulous big flower bouquet and arrange them into a lot of different vases. I can spend hours in flower heaven!


Surrounded by the most delicious flower scents and some relaxing background music. It’s the perfect relaxation. So don’t wait until someone buys you flowers, surprise yourself with a lovely bunch! My favourite place to get them is at the market. Most of the time they come in fresh from the field and they last very long!


A few tips and tricks to make sure your flowers last as long as possible:

  • Make sure there aren’t  any leaves under the water level because they can rot and damage the other flowers.
  • Provide your flowers with new water every day!
  • Keep the flowers away from heat and don’t place them in the same room as fruit.
  • Cut all wilting flowers immediately. Otherwise you can cause a chain reaction.



Now watch how the flowers come to life, how they open, spreading the most lovely scent. All their details, they will never look the same.


Just enjoy them! Power to the flower. Now please let spring begin!



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