the pleasures of cooking #5

Today I made this to die for cinnamon rolls. Easy peasy, fast and quick unhealthy pleasure. Because we have to compensate people. You have a deadline? You need to do boring administration. Need to study? COMPENSATION is your key word! You deserve an elevation of your blood sugar levels. So enjoy!

You will need:

° crescent roll dough

° butter

° cinnamon

° brown sugar

° maple syrup

° milk

° powdered sugar

To preheat the oven, you just have to follow the instructions on your tube crescent dough. Fold out the dough and pinch the seams together on both sides. Smooth the dough and roll it into a square.

Add some butter, cinnamon and the brown sugar. Roll it into a log and cut it into small pieces. Now place the pieces into a non-stick cupcake tin. Follow the crescent dough baking instructions.

To top it all off we’re going to make icing! Mix powdered sugar with some maple syrup and a dash of milk until you have a syrup. Drizzle it over the damp cinnamon rolls.

Sit back, relax.


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