What a perfect waste of time.

If I look back at this year, I can smile.

One moment this year while I was having breakfast, I looked down at my mug. It was screaming at me: make today awesome. This are the so called motivational quotes. Be awesome, dream big, say yes to adventures… Sometimes the only thing you can think when you read them is, excuse my words, FUCK OFF.
Where are the “stay in bed all day” quotes? This year I learned to waste some time. I had days where I didn’t leave the house and just spend the whole day with a book. Spend hours bathing. Went walking without knowing where. The most important thing at all, is that I did all this without bad feelings or regrets afterwards.
When I work as a nurse, I see these are the first things people miss when they aren’t able to do what they want. So go and pursue your dreams but don’t forget these underrated pleasures.
For myself it was a proces but now I can say I successfully graduated. I even got a new mug!


I also learned that’s not normal you have to give all your energy to a person and never get anything back. You’ll need your precious energy to drink beer and dance all night with the people in your life who are willing to invest to.
Luckely I found such people. We couldn’t be more different but somehow we still fit effortless. Cheers to them. Cheers to my family.

I can say I’am a content person. If you ask me, we are often to cruel for ourself. Not only we but also society. Tolerance these days seems very difficult.
Ofcourse there is still a part of my life where I can become very unhappy about but sometimes the only thing you can do is finding the best way to move on. I stopped fighting against the dramatic crap days. Invite them in, cry a river and eat loads of junk food. It’s not because once in a while you have a very difficult day, you are an unhappy person.

Happy time wasting!



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