christmas pleasures #7


Because I’am a good old coffee lover, I never looked at the different hot chocolate options. When I did, I was really surprised! There are millions of different chocolate powders! I picked up a few and even found a vegan option!


belgian choc orange – options

Options has a huge range of different chocolate powders. I got one with a hint of orange. They also have one with mint, butterscotch,… Check them out!


malteser chocolate powder

This one is heaven in a cup! Really love it! Especially when you go all the way and top it with some maltesers.


superfood hot chocolate – Brontie & co

This one is vegan, dairy free, gluten free and 100% natural. It isn’t as sweet as the other ones. That’s exactly why I like it! They sourced the finest raw chocolate from Peru and added a hint of traditional Mayan spices. It gives you an energy boost and gently lifts your mood throughout the day.

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