christmas pleasures #6


The room filled with the most amazing scent. I can really enjoy this! My favourite candles are the Yankee candles. They have a huge variety and an impeccable quality.


♥ cozy by the fire

This is the most cozy scent on this planet.
The name describes the smell exactly!
It’s like drinking a mulled wine by the fire.
Clove, orange and ginger and for the fire they
have added some wood notes.


♥ christmas garland

Here I need only two word: CHRISTMAS TREEEE
Really, if you don’t have a christmas tree or a fake one,
burn this candle and you will be a happy christmas elf.


♥ balsam and cedar

This scent!!! I love it!!!
It’s like walking in a forest while eating frozen berries.
For me it’s the perfect fresh winter scent.


♥ sugared apple

Red, juicy apples sprinkled with vanilla and sugar.
It’s a very sweet scent. I could eat this!



° Trim the wick. I use a wick trimmer, specially designed for the job.
Just because I love fancy useless tools 😉
° Especially the first time it’s important to let the candle burn until the entire top layer becomes liquid wax. This way you don’t create memory rings.

In Belgium you can find the Yankee Candles in Geuren Met Kleuren at Ninove.
Real friendly service and a huge variety!!! Candle wonderland!

Enjoy to the fullest!

© All rights reserved by underratedpleasures


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