christmas pleasures #2


Dear friends, if you every make something around this time of the year, let it be this delicious rice pudding. It smells so good and if you ask me, stirring this mixture is so relaxing. Very easy and even healthy! Jingle bells!


For 2 big bowls of delicious rice pudding you will need:

° 80 gram rice for pudding

° 200 ml water

° 1 tablespoon coconut oil

° 1 cinnamon stick

° 1 star anise

° 300 ml milk

° 3 tablespoons coconut cream

The rice, coconut oil, water, ster anise and cinnamon stick all go together in a cooking pan. Bring it to boil and once it boils you reduce the heat so it can simmer further until the water is absorbed. It’s very important to stir a lot because otherwise the rice will burn at the bottom of the pan.

When the water is absorbed you add the milk and coconut cream and let it cook for 25 minutes until you have a very creamy rice pudding. Keeeeep stirring!
Add some coconut sugar or whatever you like on top and enjoy!!!


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