christmas pleasures #1


December brings snow, rain, cold wind, … Luckely we have the possibility to put the kettle on when we come home and enjoy the most warming drinks. Here I share with you my most loved ones!


♥ pumpkin spice latte – Buisman

Who doesn’t love a pumpkin spice latte? I totally adore the spicyness this latte brings! This sachets with powder are very strong so I only use half of it for a very big cup of joy.


♥ gingerbread green tea – Twinings

This is such an unique taste. For me, gingerbread tea sounded very strange.
But the green tea and the gingerbread taste are the perfect festive combination!


♥ Christmas tea – Dille en Kamille

This christmas tea has the most wonderfull smell. It contains cinnamon,
apple, star anise, red pepper, orange peel, clove, cardamon and cilantro.


winter glow – Pickwick

This black tea is winter in a teabag. The spice mix is perfect
to warm you up after a long walk. Everyone will love these!

Now all you have to do is go to your grocery store (or be even more lazy and buy it online). Put the kettle on and cuddle up with your softest fleece blanket for a lovely night in. In front of the christmas tree. PINCH ME.

For more christmas madness add me on snapchat: lienvanco

© All rights reserved by underratedpleasures


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