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My niece (you can’t choose family but if I could, I would choose her) surprised me with a styletone box. I had never heard of it but once I looked on their site I was really excited! They always feature 5 fullsize products, never tested on animals. Another surplus is that it’s a small box that fits in your mailbox!



♥ Hikari – Blush

Hikari is Japanese for light. This blush is formulated with kaolin, a clay that moisturises your skin and also helps battle spots. I got the shade Bikini, a peachy tone with a shimmer.

♥ Brush cleaner

This little pink thing should make cleaning your brushes a party. Wet your brush and apply a little bit of soap (I always use baby soap). Rub the brush on the cleaner, using both structures.


♥ Starlooks – lip crayon

This lovely lip crayons have a perfect autumn color. The packaging has a click system, really love it! No more arty farty drawings on the inside of my handbag.


♥ Chella – eyebrow defining gel

I never used an eyebrow gel. The gel is supposed to lift your eyebrows and hold them into place. It also nourishes the skin and eyebrow hairs for a healthy and full look. Chella is based in the USA and is famous for their brow and eye products.

♥ Jelly pong pon – Lighten up

This pencil is a multitasker. Originally it’s used as a waterline pencil but you can use it as a highlighter or as a primer for your lipstick. It contains castor seed oil and cacao seed butter so it’s good for your skin.

You pay 12,50 euro every month for a little bit of happiness in your mailbox.
More info on the Styletone website.

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