underrated pleasure #nature

I’am a real nature lover. The different shades of green, the leaves, the sounds nature creates. 100 % zen! So it’s no surprise my holiday was very green coloured.


During my vacation we took the car and drove to a random spot in Germany. We just take a look on the map and go to the place with the most green around it. This year we where very lucky, because by accident we entered this magical place in the woods.


We’re totally surounded by trees and the only thing we could hear was the wind, animals or ourselves. Instant relaxation injection.


No wifi for 2 weeks! I absolutely loved it! I finally had time to read a book, or go on a long walk in the woods without any direction. No obligations, no terrible newsfacts, no deadlines, no pressure at all.


The first few days I couldn’t fully relax. I needed some time to find my OFF button. Once I found it there was no way back and I became the most relaxed person on earth. I only woke up when I was ready for it. Drank my morning coffee in front of the water while doing absolutely nothing, without feeling guilty about it!



At nighttime we made diner over an open fire and drank beers around the bonfire. My friends learned me how to make a fire and we had the most lovely chats.








The trip was the best relaxation but most of all a celebration of our friendship. We’re all going different ways in life but our mutual center in all of this is the most lovely place on earth.


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