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It’s sourcedbox time again. If you ask me, this is the best box ever! I adore every single thing they send me. So let’s dig in!

♥ coconut oil – cocofina


To celebrate the launch of Eat Smart (Niomi Smart, the co-founder of sourcedbox has released her first cookbook) they included a Miso Hot Pot recipe from the book and some Cocofina coconut oil.

♥ green raisin and barberries promix – wyldsson


A delicious mix of nuts, seeds and fruits, these tubes are perfect for on the go snacking or refuelling after the gym.

♥ chocolate halo thins – sweet virtues


Refined discs of dark chocolate sweetened with coconut blossom nectar then delicately flavoured using superfood ingredients.

♥ banana crisps – emily fruit chips


These bananas are picked just at the perfect moment of ripeness to give just the right amount of crunchiness with a sweet and creamy flavour.

♥ rhubarb and ginger tea – teapigs


A perfect combination for autumn, this tea is a delicious blend of flavours. The only thing missing is the crumble!

♥ quinoa sprinkles – louola’s superfood


♥ bilberry  and lingonberry birch water – tapped


♥ vanilla/wild orange bar – pana chocolate


A luxury melt-in-the-mouth experience, we know you’ll love it whether you’ve got a hint of fruit or some subtle vanilla.

♥ salted caramel bliss balls – halo wholefoods


Perfect to pop in your bag for an afternoon-pick me up, these balls are packed with energy and are the perfect sweet treat.

♥ berry the rage bar – hangry food co.


It’s not easy to hide your hanger, but with this bar you can bury those rather outrageous hangry emotions, at least until lunch!

♥ oat and bilberry cookies – the beginnings


These cookies have a complex character. Soft yet crunchy and sweet but savoury, they’re a blend of all things tasty.

For more info, click here.

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