underrated pleasure #healthyfooddelivery

It’s sourcedbox time again. If you ask me, this is the best box ever! I adore every single thing they send me. So let’s dig in!

♥ coconut oil – cocofina


To celebrate the launch of Eat Smart (Niomi Smart, the co-founder of sourcedbox has released her first cookbook) they included a Miso Hot Pot recipe from the book and some Cocofina coconut oil.

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underrated pleasure #homemadesnacks

I’m back! I had a wonderful holiday (I tell you about it in another post). The first thing I like to do when I come home from a holiday is making my house the most cozy place on earth. After that I go grocery shopping to fill the fridge so I can make some delicious homemade snacks. In this post I share with you my personal top 3 homemade snacks!

♥ homemade popcorn

I put coconut oil in a bowl and cover the bottom with popcorn kernels. Place the bowl over medium heat. Now you just have to let the popcorn pop!
You can cover the popcorn with whatever you want. Pepper, salt, paprika powder, garlic powder,… Personally I love them with salt but today I made them with coconut sugar. When the popcorn is popped I drizzle some coconut oil over them so the sugar really sticks to the popcorn.

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