Monthly pleasures #2

It’s already july, hopefully the month when summer will arrive here in Belgium!

♥ Waterbottle infuser – Loooqs

This must be my most used object this month. The night before work I fill it with fruits or herbs and leave it in the fridge overnight. It’s healthy and very tasty! My favorite combination is strawberries with mint leaves and some ginger. Also very important is that you don’t have any leaking with this Loooqs bottle. Must have for a refreshing summer!

♥ Nigella bijt – Nigella lawson

This is a rediscovered  pleasure. When I was 17 I discovered this book in my parents bookshelf and I started reading it. This isn’t just a cookbook, nigella writes about cooking with a lot off passion and in a very funny way. She makes cooking easy peasy and uses some original ingredients like Coca Cola.

♥ Healty bar – KIND

Peanut butter dark chocolat, almond coconut cashew chai, honey roasted nut and sea salt. Need I say more? I’m totally hooked! Check out the be KIND website for more deliciousness. Throw kindness around like confetti!

♥ Posthelios – La roche-posay

My skin is the driest place on earth. So when summer is waking up, I rush to the pharmacy to stock up my Posthelios melt-in gel. Normally after showering I can’t move my face but with the Posthelios magic my face is having an after shower party!

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