underrated pleasure #bikeride

Visiting my parents means returning to the countryside. Because I live in the city I try to soak up as much country air as possible when I’am here. How much I love the city I will always  need some good old green views. Last time I went on a bike ride with my lovely mother.


It was already in the evening but it still was very hot. Perfect weather to go on a bike ride with the wind running through our hair. Ofcourse we stopped a lot to enjoy all the beautiful things on our way. It’s amazing how much details nature has to give.



As we passed an elderflower bush we decided to pick some and try to make elderflower syrup. Because we couldn’t be bothered doing research for recipes we did it the experimenting way. We had a basket full of beautiful elderflowers and let these and some lemon, rest in water for two days.


After two days you sieve the mixture. Boil the remaining syrup and add sugar as you wish. The syrup gets thicker by adding more sugar.
Now you only need to sprinkle elderflower syrup everywhere you go! Perfect to pimp your water,put over your ice cream or in a cup of tea. The options are endless!


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