the pleasures of cooking #2

♥ beetroot chocolate cake – Deliciously Ella

Because of a chronic illness Ella Woodward had to retink her diet. She shared her journey on her blog and in her two cookbooks. It’s very interesting to see how she makes the most delicious meals although she had to cut out a lot of food.


I own her first cookbook and I really love it! You can read her story where she explains why she had to change her eating habits. Most off all I like the fact that you don’t have the feeling she wants to dictate you how to eat. But only wants to inform you about her way of eating. In the beginning of the book she tells us about the ingredients she always has in her pantry and explains why they are nourishing. Really love that part of the book!

Cooking like this feels like magic. You can make this cake without eggs but with apple purée and beetroot. Excitinggg!


° 1 large beetroot (250g)

° 2 mugs buckwheat flour (400g)

° 1 mug apple purée (360g)

° 1 mug maple syrup (300ml)

° 6 tbsp raw cacao powder

° Pinch of salt

° Coconut oil for greasing


Preheat your oven to 190°c.

You can steam the beetroot (for an hour) until it’s soft or you can boil it. When it’s done you let it cool down. Chop off the head and remove the skin. Because I’am a lazy or a very smart person, I bought already cooked beetroot. Cut up the beetroot and blend it until a smooth purée.


Add the beetroot purée to a large bowl with the other ingredients and mix until smooth. With all these lovely colours it’s a pleasure to watch the magic happen.



Grease your cake tin with coconut oil and pour in the mix. It has to bake for about 20 minutes. To be sure do the knife trick.

Ella made this cake with a coconut frosting (the recipe for this is in her first cookbook). I had a over the top chocolate craving day so instead I melted some chocolate all over the cake.  I also sprinkled some granola over the chocolate. Once in a while we have to go in overload mode.

I have only 3 more words to say: NOM NOM NOM


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