the perfect escape #haspengouw

Once in a while we need to escape our busy lives. A while ago on a random day we decided to went on a two day vacation. We drove to the Belgian fruit basket. We had a lot off expectations but reality was even better.


Breathtaking views and this so nearby. The calmness whirls around us like a cozy fleece. The only thing we did was looking around and being impressed.


In between the orchards we drank our first Haspengouwse tripel ever. This beer has a fruity undertone but still has the bitterness a good beer needs. On the side we had some strawberries. You would hop through orchards for less!


We go back. Ow yes, we definitely go back!! But next time we will be there when this area puts on the most fancy dress. In the beginning of april the blossoms bloom and this place becomes a paradise.



© All rights reserved by underratedpleasures


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