Monthly pleasures #1

From now on I will present you my monthly pleasures. Because addictions are for sharing!

♥ Mizu drink bottle – Think Pink

Last year I raised a lot of money for the national breast cancer campaign in Belgium, the Think Pink foundation. I decided to do something every year. This year I bought a drink bottle. It’s bpa free and has a beautiful Think Pink design. I’am a happy water drinking person and I have given to a very good cause. Double pleasure!

♥ the honeycomb secret – Treaclemoon

The colour, scent, consistency, packaging,… This shower gel is my absolute favourite. You only need a very small amount to create a huge bubbleparty in your bathroom.
Shower obsession it is!

♥ chili matte lipstick – MAC

First off all, I love the matte lipsticks from MAC. They stay on your lips for hours. The Chili colour reminds me of autumn leaves. It’s a warm, dark orange tint. Big love!

♥ watermelon cushion – CASA


♥ eau roma water toner – Lush

This soothing toner contains roses and lavender. At first I was very sceptical because it feels just like water. But my skin loves this product! I really see a difference when I don’t use it for a while. Must-have for dry and sensitive skin.

♥ watermelon water – what a melon

Yes. We can call it a watermelon obsession. This is 100% natural watermelon water, they only add a squeeze of lemon. It’s the best thing for hot days!


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