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I wasn’t planning on writing this blogpost but it would be a shame not to share this monthly subscription box. Sourcedbox contains at least 10 carefully picked healty snacks. They are very surprising and absolutely delicious. Let’s dig in!


I will show you what’s inside this beautiful box. Unfortunately I can’t show you the first one because that one is already traveling through my body. All descriptions are from the sourcedbox menu.

♥ salted plantain crisps – chika’s
Plantain is a West Africa’s answer to the potato, and these are an exotic and flavoursome alternative to regular crisps.

♥ lime and chia truffles – sweet virtues
A zingy citrus buzz coupled with an intense flavour, nutrient dense chia seeds contribute to these tasty power balls.


♥ matcha green tea drink – teapigs
Perfect for on the go, this matcha green tea is packed full of antioxidants and nutrients, plus it’s super refreshing.


♥ tomato and oregano kale crisps – leafy
Delicate, crispy leaves that will keep you satisfied, these are bursting with the flavour of ripe tomato and fragrant oregano.


♥ coconut chips – coconut merchant
Full of natural goodness, these premium quality coconut chips are gently baked and seriously moreish.


♥ mango bear yoyo – bearnibbles
Delicious roll of pure fruit gently baked. Contains only mango, apple and pear.


♥ cranky cocoa bar – hangry food co.
Cranky cocoa is here to save the day! Blasting those nasty grumbles and stomach rumbles away in one delicious chocolatey fix.


♥ green tnt bar – dynabites
A virtuous mix of protein, green tea, almonds and honey make this bar perfect for an energy boosting afternoon snack.


♥ fruit bites – holland and barrett
These bites are packed with a variety of fruit for a scrumptious sweet treat.


♥ whole chia seeds – chia bia
This was a little extra in the box. You can use them for baking or sprinkling over your favourite foods.


♥ smashing strawberry snack pack – urban fruit
Delicious fruit, picked when it’s perfectly ripe, and then gently baked at low temperatures so that you hang on to all the good stuff.


Let’s say, heaven delivered to your doorstep!

For more info, click here.

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5 thoughts on “underrated pleasure #healthyfooddelivery

      1. It looks it. Thanks for sharing. I hope you tell us what are in any other boxes as it is always useful finding out about new products like those. 😊

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